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Join our paid review team and help the world's top tech companies hire the best developers.

Join our paid review team and help the world's top tech companies hire the best developers.

Test your skills by taking one of our code challenges.

Test your skills by taking one of our code challenges.


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Using an Elo rating system you can compare your skills to other members of the community.

Generate profile ratings for creating and completing code challenges.


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We have two types of Code Challenges

Express: Multiple choice, quick fire challenges created by the community.

Take-Home: Earn your stripes on Express Challenges to be able to take our peer reviewed challenges. The very best submissions gain you access to the paid reveiw team.


Be Paid to Review candidate code submissions

As a member of the Geektastic uber geek review team you can earn cash reviewing candidate code challenge submissions. They generally take about 30 minutes to review and we pay you £25 for each one you complete.


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Our Express Challenges are created and shared by the community to keep them fresh and up to date.

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I have to say that I've done a few of these code challenge things and this was definitely the best form-factor. I much preferred it to, for example, ***, who seem to focus on pure algorithmic design rather than actually making something that works. I like the qualitative feedback through the website as well, much more useful than a raw percentage score. Ben Senior JavaScript developer, London, UK

One company who does make use of computer reviewed code tests is ***. I took and failed a test with them. The code was perfect, apart from a small corner case I didn’t pick up on under the pressure of the test, but because it was computer marked I didn't even get a look-in. Tony Expert Java developer, Exeter, UK

I love your idea, especially as I know firsthand how painful it is to be turned down at the very first stage of the hiring process because of some stupid automated test that says nothing about a developer other than that they're a programmer who can write algorithms. That's *** and the like... [ Anon ] Senior Software Engineer at leading price comparison website, UK

Overall Geektastic has been a great experience for me, I enjoy seeing the contrived ways people solve the same problem. On more than a few occasions I've seen someone solve a trivial problem in 'interesting' ways. I feel that it makes me a stronger engineer and a better interviewer. Duane Senior JavaScript developer, LA, USA

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